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We’ve got a couple of places you might like.



Currently we have a 1 bedroom 1 bath unit at the Twin Pines Apartments, located at 2755 El Caprice, Rancho Cordova.

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In addition to the apartment at Twin Pines,  we’ve got a totally upgraded/updated 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment that comes with a garage too.

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You can always call us at the office at 916.990.0770 with any questions about our current inventory.

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Mid Town Sacramento Apartment for Rent…!

2412 Q Street, Apartment #1, Sacramento, Ca


Come by and take a peek at this neat Gated and Secured apartment that has been updated a bunch.

We’re near everything in Mid Town.

This property is nestled among other nice looking homes, duplexes and apartments that are all well maintained to give this neighborhood an awesome appeal.

You will love coming home here after a long day….!




Nice Granite Bay Duplex Unit for Rent

Not Many Like This Unit in Granite Bay


Located on a quiet Cul-De-Sac near the corner of Folsom-Auburn Rd and Douglas Blvd.  This Duplex unit has convenient access to Roseville/Folsom work centers, neighborhood shopping and of course the Folsom Lake recreation area.

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Take a Drive By over the weekend.   Check out our showing schedule for next week or call the office at 916-990-0770.


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Trying to Rent a Home, But Your Credit is a little Shaky…?

In today’s Market to Rent a Home – Good Credit/Rental History – A Must…!


I’ve been asked frequently about what we are looking for in a “rental application”.  However,  I think most people know that you have to have a history of paying your bills.

Of course many of us have gone through some bad times and sometimes a bill doesn’t get paid on time.  When that happens most often it will result in a negative entry in your Credit Report.

So if you have some bad credit what can you do to make it good enough to be able to qualify to rent one of our properties..?

To help those of you that are struggling to find a place and credit is an obstacle, I’ve written a couple of articles a few years back that are still valid today.

Below you’ll find a couple of articles that I hope will help you in obtaining a place to live when you are submitting an application.

Click the links below and hopefully you’ll come away with a couple of ideas of what a property management company looks for in evaluating your application to rent.    I wrote these articles to educate those people to overcome the barriers to finding a place to rent because of credit.

Got Rough Credit, You Want to Rent, But No One Will Rent to You…?

Want Some Good Advice When Applying for a Place To Rent…?


Here’s a tip if you’ve had an Eviction on your record.   Don’t try and excuse what happened and why it’s on your credit report.    What I suggest you do is go back to the Landlord/Property Manager and make peace with them.

Contacting them to make peace would include offering to make some kind of payment arrangement.   What this will do is go a long way in improving your ability to get into a new place.   A Collection entry from a Property Management company on your credit report will disqualify you with our company.

We’ve had folks that we’ve evicted and after a couple of years, they realized it was a mistake, come back and paid us. We were then able to verify that they had paid their outstanding bill to the new Landlord/Property Management company .   We even provided them a receipt showing they did.

I hope this helps if you have had difficulty finding a place.

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Ed Favinger, Broker, Property Manager.


Folsom Home For Rent – Empire Ranch Area –

Take a Look at 2107 Branding Iron Drive, Folsom, Ca.


Folsom Rental Homes are hot so you’d better hurry.   Available to move in August 1st or shortly after.

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Awesome Duplex Apartment for Rent

Looking for a nice pad…? We’ve got a couple…!

Check out this one…  Coming Soon – Available March 15th.


Take a minute and Click Here for more details for this Duplex Apartment located at 3014 Chestnut Hill, Sacramento, Ca 95826.


If you’d like more information about this unit, please call the office at 916-990-0770.   In the mean time you can drive by the property and the neighborhood.

If you are looking for a home to rent, you can see our other Available Rentals by CLICKING HERE.

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Renting a Home That Needs Work is Not a Smart Thing To Do…1

Even If  You Lowered the Rent, The Tenants will “nit-pick” and never be satisfied.


Not only will they nit pick your place, they will not improve it for you and will most likely make it even worse and cost you more in the long run.

When you are an investor, you have to set aside enough reserves to be able to do what we call a “turn over” after the old tenant moves out.

If you’ve had a long term tenant that’s been there for several years, your place is going to need new paint, probably some new carpet/flooring and other minor repairs such as new window coverings that you can not charge the old tenant because it’s “normal wear and tear”.

Yes it’s going to cost you some $$ to fix it up. However, in today’s Sacramento/Folsom rental market area, you’ll get a lot more in Rent if you do.

If you don’t fix it…?    You’ll get disgruntled tenants that decided to take it as is because you didn’t charge the market rent you could have and even though they get the place at a lower rental rate, they will decide they are not getting a good deal.


Because the place needs work and they really expect a Landlord to do it all.   We’re experiencing this now in a property we recently leased up.   The owner claimed they didn’t have the funds to fix it and we had a tenant willing to take it “as is”.

It didn’t take long for the tenant to start complaining.

Bottom line is fix your place up to a Move In Rent Ready condition and make sure all the appliances work.  You’ll have a much better relationship with the tenant and you’ll be able to get top dollar for your rental.


Regular Landscape Maintenance of Your Rental Investment…?

Landscape Maintenance – The Most Overlooked & Undervalued Service – It Should Not Be.


An Investor in Residential Real Estate should know ongoing and regular landscape maintenance is important.

I know on my Real Estate Sales site  I’ve written articles about landscape maintenance.  It’s important to maintain the curb appeal throughout your ownership.Landscape Maintrenance

A big reason we want regular scheduled landscape maintenance,  aside from curb appeal,  is our landscape vendors know if they see something out of the ordinary to call us.

It was just yesterday one of our landscape companies contacted our property manager to report he was unable to service the back yard.   There were two “pit bulls” roaming the yard we did not know about.

This fact was told to the vendor by a man supposedly living there.   A question is raised in our minds because the lady and her kids that just moved in had no man on the lease agreement.

We’ll give the tenant a day or two to make an explanation.   However we are on notice that someone is  potentially living there, not on the lease,  with dogs and without our permission.

A property manager can not go by your property every week.  I wonder how long it would have taken us to find out if we didn’t have the regular landscape service.   While we do inspect once a year at least,  if you were the investor, wouldn’t you like to know someone might be breaking the terms of the lease long before the expiration of their lease…?

I know I would.

If you are looking for a Property Management Company to help you maintain your property call me at anytime.


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Ed Favinger, Broker, CRS, GRI, SFR, CDPE