Check the Viewing Dates on our Site for more information

If you’re are house hunting for a rental go to our viewing page for the most current dates and times we have scheduled for showings.

Many of these properties will have a video that you can access to see what the interiors look like and if you can not make it to one of the showing times, you can do a drive by and check out the neighborhood.

When we set up a showing we’re pretty much on time, but if we’re not there at the exact time, give us a few minutes and we’ll be there.    We generally will stay on site for about 15 minutes and then depart.

If you have any questions, please call us at 916-990-0770 x 10 and if we’re not there, please leave a voice mail message.

In the Mean Time…?

Make it a Great Day…!


Posted by: havenproperties on January 21, 2017
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